Leap of Faith!

I still remember that day,

It was the morning of 8th May.

We walked through a grill,

And could see the view downhill.

A few of them felt dizzy,

But for me it was very easy.

They measured our weights,

To determine our fates.

I was third in line,

Scared to death but pretending i was fine.

The music was loud,

But my thoughts drowned it out.

They tied my feet and told me to dance,

An irony that sent me into trance.

Lifting me they put me on the edge of the bridge’s railing,

Made it seem as simple as sailing.

” 3..2..1.. Bungee!” that’s all they said,

I pushed myself and plunged ahead.


That I most certainly didn’t hate.

Bouncing up and down,

I couldn’t help but frown.

Finally I stopped swinging,

Could feel all the blood rushing.

I feared my feet would slip,

I’ll fall off with the lose grip.

For a moment there was silence,

The trees met the sea and it all made sense.

What I had been looking for on the road,

I found in mid air praying to the lord.

The peace at that altitude,

Calmed the chaos of my solitude.

Nothing else touched my heart,

Like that jump that gave my bucket list a kick start.

I still remember that day,

It was the morning of 8th May.

(This is the first poem that I published on WordPress and it’s very dear to my heart)


Inversely Proportional!

Age and innocence can be considered poles apart,

I found them Inversely Proportional from the start.

As we begin to grow,

Innocence stops to flow.

That loud laughter when nothing seems funny,

That cry with tears when its too sunny,

That joy of building sand castles,

That life without hassles.

Asking surprising questions,

Finding answers to which were mystery missions.

Oh how I miss those days,

Where we participated in pretend plays.

When malice was not known,

When struggles were not shown.

When our emotions were so pure,

They could almost everything cure.

Oh how I wish this age and innocence theory,

Was just in vain and dreary.

(Just to be clear, this is only my point of view and no one is obligated to agree with this or accept this. Just a little observation I made while growing up.)